Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas...not that far away. Christmas retro reindeer

Starry Retro Reindeer minature canvas on sale in Fine fettle shop perfect wall hanging for christmas.

More Etsy Tammis Keefe finds

Image From Etsy shop The Lonely sock

Image From Etsy shop Linens and Things

Image from  Etsy shop Violets and Grace
Image from Etsy shop Antique whimsy

These are just a few. I love the dragonfly and butterfly playing cards. I don't think I can ever tire to admire Tammis Keefe.

Monday inspiration Tammis Keefe

Sometimes I get little flurries of busy times. I cannot stop for a second. I like to keep busy. Other times I just need to kick back and review everything. Just lately I have been taking it easy...for reasons I shall explain at a later date. 

What have I been up to? well I love reading blogs and art books. I am fascinated by how an artist develops their skills, the journey and findings along the way. 

I am also loving could say I am addicted. I have made a few purchases and made some new friends. In the future, I will post my findings, favourites and purchases.

To start, I have an obsession with textile artist Tammis Keefe. What is there not to love?
Image above is from a lovely Etsy shop called neat to keen. 
Neat to keen is a must look.